Making A Great Deal Happen


Welcome to a new way to make money in property. You could be making £10,000 a month without taking out a mortgage, without using credit cards and with a reduction in the time and effort you put into your property business.

There are many ways to buy property deals, all of them are costly; whether you advertise through handmade cards, boards and posting leaflets, or you dig deep into your pockets and advertise in newspapers, you have to pay with either your time or your money… usually both!

Now there’s a way for you to be rewarded handsomely for all your hard work.

You’ve been out there and walked the streets, challenged estate agents and negotiated firmly yet fairly with vendors and have come out with a cracking deal. Along the way you have considered and dismissed a number of deals. Maybe, the time wasn’t right for you or the location was wrong or you just don’t do that type of deal; whatever the reason you just moved on

But wait… let’s consider an alternative..

Imagine what would happen if you had packaged your deal so that you could promote it to investors for whom the time is right, for whom the location does fit and for whom the deal structure works.

We offer you a complete deal packaging service which commences from the moment you complete your first visit to the property to the moment its sold. In fact your property will:

  • be listed on our website
  • be promoted through our comprehensive investor channels
  • have it’s own brochure
  • be offered to professional investors across the UK

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Feel like, you’re not quite ready to package deals?

We’ve got that covered too.

You can keep up with the latest news in property and educate yourself in different ways to structure deals right here. Our blog regularly brings you the latest news and legal updates so that you can be sure that you can make better decisions for you and your clients.